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Pohema, the composable solution for the new healthcare demand

POHEMA is the new composable solution of BPC (Business Package Capabilities) for digital healthcare, that adapts to the scenarios of a constantly changing future. A harmonic system of application, technological and human-based micro-services to manage all aspects of virtual care.

Flexibility is one of Pohema’s strength: a harmonic system of application, technology and services that can be combined to support countless types of workflow, adapting to any type of context.

GPI Virtual Care Solutions - POHEMA

Achieving proactive medicine and improving patient experience, in any type of context
With Pohema it is possible to create integrated forecasting, prevention, assistance and treatment processes using the Population Health Management model.

The system can be configured in endless ways: components can be progressively selected and implemented, based on the requirements of the specific territory and/or pathology.

• Patient Monitoring
• Patient Portal
• Televisit
• Patient Interaction
• Tele-rehabilitation
• Store & Forward
• A.I. Algorithms
• Care Team Cooperation
• Digital Therapeutics

We can offer operational and methodological consulting to help our clients achieve a tailor-made healthcare project, that includes and connects all relevant stakeholders.
Since March 2020, during COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Pohema has responded to the different needs of Health Authorities to better manage all aspects of remote assistance. And later to support the planning and rollout of the vaccinantion program.

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