Virtual Care


Improves patients’ quality of life, facilitates and optimises the work of physicians and healthcare professionals.

PHEBO® is the innovative e-healthcare system that supports numerous telemedicine and teleassistance activities and substantially contributes to improving the quality of life for a large part of the population, within a general framework of reducing costs.

The PHEBO® platform combines next-generation information technologies and advanced portable devices to offer remote healthcare services that make it possible to manage the acquisition of vital health parameters, video communication, questionnaires and multimedia files.

Secure and fast data exchange in accordance with the security standards required for healthcare environments, in compliance with patient privacy protection regulations.

ISO 13485 and 93/42/EEC certified

PHEBO® (Platform for Hi-tech/Hi-touch Evaluation of Biometrics Observation) is a reliable support tool that healthcare personnel can use to manage patients affected by different pathologies, such as heart failure, diabetes and COPD. By collecting information, it can plan and quickly amend pharmacological therapy or schedule new treatments.

The platform is formed of cooperating and interoperable software modules that guarantee personalised telemedicine and teleassistance solutions for various scenarios in the healthcare sector.

eVoDroid Smartphone app for supporting the patient at home.

eVoNurse Tablet app for supporting nursing staff activities.

eVoMed Portal for healthcare personnel: web app for parametrisation, monitoring and control activities.

eVoCore Technological component that governs the platform’s functioning in a centralised way, especially transactions between the Intelligent Monitoring Systems (IMS) for patients and the Support Office.

eVoCam Software for managing audio and video communication.

eVo@HOME Application that allows patients to access services from their own home.

eVoCall Application for accessing services, dedicated to operators in the Central Operator Room and ward physicians.

eVoGate Third-party system integration module (e.g. clinical folders, Italian Obesity Society (SIO), etc.).