Acting responsibly and strategically, every day

Sustainability is about planning and strategy; it means knowing where you want to go and, more importantly, how you are going to do it. It means knowing the risks and having the courage to turn them into opportunities.

2021 was a year of listening. We have intensified dialogue with various stakeholders with the goal of building a vision of sustainable development shared with all the players in our ecosystem. In my opinion, the way things are done qualifies the result: we have chosen listening and dialogue as the right tools to trace a path of development that generates value in the long term.

We have updated our materiality matrix considering the point of view of Stakeholders, we have questioned the corporate population on the meaning of sustainability, we have invested in knowledge and high education to build culture on sustainability, we have started the integration of the sustainable approach in business strategies. As mentioned, we take responsibility for our future evolution, knowing that we can make a difference and choosing to do so.

There are three key concepts that guide us: discernment, perseverance, and trust.
Discernment as an effort of ethical choice, perseverance as the cadence of daily commitment, trust as the characteristic motion of the soul.

For this effort I am grateful to all my people, who question themselves every day to face new challenges with courage and passion.
The commitment is significant, the challenges are considerable, and the path is long.
Sustainability is an exciting challenge and we embrace it.

Trento, March 2022

Firmato - Fausto Manzana


In 2021, the distributed economic value, calculated as the difference between the economic value generated and that retained in the company, amounted to approximately EUR 289.5 million. Around 55% of the value generated is allocated to the company’s staff.
Net profit amounted to EUR 11.3 million.

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Non Financial Statement


Non Financial Statement