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The new future that lies ahead will be different from the past we leave behind. We need to look ahead and beyond to plan for the future. We are looking at a universal healthcare model that focuses on people’s needs, a model in which patient care is a determining factor and is structured according to need, i.e. care at home or in social-health facilities spread throughout the territory or in centralised hospitals with a high density of specialisation.

One year after the last opportunity I had to address you, on the occasion of the publication of the previous Non-Financial Statement, our country is still grappling with a dramatic emergency stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to severely test the resilience of the health system and have severe impacts on the economic and social life of our communities.

Gpi has been directly involved in all phases of this affair, from the first signs of the spread of the disease to the most recent challenge of mass vaccination, in which we are still engaged, and which represents the real way out of the pandemic.

It was a difficult, demanding year which we will not easily forget; but it was also a year which, in all its drama, gave us an experience of great value, from which we must learn valuable lessons. From our privileged vantage point, the pandemic has, for all intents and purposes, raised awareness of the fragilities and inadequacies of our existing healthcare model.

All those who are responsible for governing the healthcare system at various levels are now called upon to reflect on what has happened, so that a more resilient, higher-quality system may emerge from this difficult time – one that is capable of providing effective responses to the demand for health and wellbeing when it is most needed: a new paradigm of sustainability for our healthcare.

Trento, March 2021

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In 2020, the economic value distributed – calculated as the difference between the economic value generated and that retained by the company – was approximately EUR 245 million.
About 53% of the added value created is allocated to the company’s staff. The net profit was EUR 12.3 million (approx. EUR 4.3 retained and approx. EUR 8.0 distributed to Shareholders*), an increase of 26% compared to 2019 and of 29% compared to 2018.

Non Financial Statement


Non Financial Statement


Non Financial Statement