GPI Software


GPI Software

ERP set-up and simplicity of web applications according to interoperability, cooperation and accessibility standards

Our solutions for the Public Administration allow public bodies to offer high-quality services to citizens and companies, to increase the efficiency of their governance and to reduce spending, optimising an organisation’s resource management.
The products are based on the Ascot platform, which is complete, modular and compatible with the biggest open source systems and can be integrated with third-party solutions.

Public Administration includes:

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Protocol and General Affairs

  • Taxes and Rate Services

  • Online Services

  • Demographic Services

Why choose GPI Public Administration solution:

  • Security: thanks to a stable and consolidated architecture
  • They help to limit maintenance costs: a single solution for all required services
  • Thanks to the integrated front end for citizens/companies, the service details are available in real time
  • It is flexible and can be adapted to any organisation
  • They support OPEN DATA thanks to XML and CSV standards
  • They allow public organisations to keep up to date with the constant change in legislation

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