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The world of chronic illness is a growing area that involves a notable use of resources, since it requires continuous assistance for long periods of time and a strong integration of healthcare and social services. Our Population Management platform moves in this direction, with the conviction that correct chronic illness management generates value for the entire community. On the one hand, the patient is guaranteed better treatment and a higher quality of life. On the other, the implementation of a leaner and more sustainable healthcare model is encouraged.

The Population Management platform supports the following processes:

  • Stratification of the target population
  • Staging of assistance needs
  • Patient enrolment and care
  • Assessment and evaluation scales
  • Management of the Care Agreement and drafting of the individual assistance plan
  • Extraction of the service’s economic value and data availability compared to the prescribed service; the services not yet carried out are highlighted. The service levels are recognised as prescribed, booked, provided or complete.
  • First and second opinion service
  • Integration with digitised clinical folders used by GPs managing the chronic illness
  • Library of Diagnosis and Treatment Assistance Approaches (PDTA)
  • Availability of the Medicines Database and sending alerts due to pharmacological non-compliance
  • Integration with telemedicine and teleassistance services

Why choose our Population Management solution:

  • It makes it possible to implement the Chronic Care model, providing a dimensioning of the resources to be used
  • GPI holds intellectual property rights for population stratification algorithms that can be used as a first step in defining the care deploy model for fragile and chronically ill patients
  • GPI has gained a lot of experience in defining the most suitable organisational model for the population target to be reached, and has developed project management skills combined with hands-on experience shown by real-life results (teams with experience in different national contexts)
  • It offers an administrative contact centre service (Operating Centre) and healthcare contact centre service

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