Innovative solutions, flexible and efficient management of services

We create innovative platforms to put those who provide services in contact with those who use them. In the past year – with more than 500 active customers – around 6 million users have received more efficient services thanks to our solutions, such as:


  • smartphone applications
  • advanced queue-cutting systems
  • payment islands
  • integrated systems for managing waiting times


Thanks to GeCo—the innovative queue-cutting solution—it is possible to maximise results with flexible and efficient management of services. Specifically, the solution makes it possible to operate more efficiently and with fewer resources because it refines the flow of users and assists them in a clear and precise way throughout the journey: from choosing the service to after its provision.


For Public Administration and Healthcare. The solution can manage Structures over several levels and with several tools: it is therefore possible to provide users with functions such as ChatBots or native Apps (for example for booking an appointment or checking Patient Status), or making a delivery directly to the interactive stations or paying for a service.

Una visione di sanità moderna, locali accoglienti, di facile accessibilità, dove le persone potranno portare i loro problemi e trovare risposte adeguate. L’uso evoluto delle tecnologie connette Policura, con le Aziende Sanitarie e con il cittadino: ICT e servizi che migliorano la qualità della vita.
Policura Trento: una struttura di circa 450 mq, suddivisa in quattro aree, destinata alle attività odontoiatriche, alla medicina specialistica, alla fisioterapia e al benessere psicologico.
Policura Rovereto: una struttura di circa 300mq destinata alle prestazioni di cardiologia, ginecologia, dermatologia e servizi odontoiatrici.

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