Board of Directors

Pursuant to Article 12.1 of the GPI S.p.A. Articles of Association, GPI is managed by a Board of Directors formed of 7 (seven) to 15 (fifteen) members.
The Shareholders’ Meeting held on 30 April 2018 resolved that the GPI Board of Directors would be formed of 7 directors.

Board of Auditors

Pursuant to Article 21.2 of the GPI S.p.A. Articles of Association, the GPI Board of Auditors is formed of 3 (three) statutory auditors and 2 (two) substitute auditors.

The members of the above Board of Auditors will remain in office until the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting called to approve the financial statements at 31 December 2018.

The members of the Board of Auditors are specified in the following table.

Key Managers

Auditing Company

KPMG S.p.A. (with offices in Milan, at Via Vittor Pisani n. 25, tax identification number and registration number in the Milan Business Register 00709600159) is the company appointed for the term of nine financial years to audit the accounts of GPI’s statutory consolidated financial statements for the years 2018-2026.


With resolution of 30 October 2017, the Board of Directors approved the Policy for the Prevention of Corruption.
This policy identifies the principles and values of the GPI Group, defines the code of conduct that each staff member must follow and that every stakeholder must know, specifies the methods for reporting acts of corruption and the methods for training, informing and communicating with the various stakeholders.

Download the full document of the GPI Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy

The BOD then appointed, with resolution of 30 October 2017, Stefano Bonvicini as Head of Compliance for the Prevention of Corruption.
To write to the Head of Compliance for the Prevention of Corruption: anticorruzione@gpi.it

Data Protection Officer

The BOD, with resolution of 6 April 2018, also appointed Agostino Oliveri as DPO (Data Protection Officer) for the GPI Group. The appointment complies with the provisions of the new EU Regulation 679/2016 on personal data processing.


The Board of Directors meeting held on 4 May 2018 formed:



granting them the functions indicated in the Code of Conduct for Listed Companies.


The BOD appointed as members of these Committees, the independent directors Paolo De Santis and Edda Delon.

The Control and Risk Committee was also granted the tasks of the Related Party Transactions Committee, pursuant to the legislation in force.