A complete range of software solutions for personnel management for Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, Municipalities and Local Organisations.

With the innovative HR Suite, we offer the most complete and reliable solution for Personnel Management in Public Administration. It is a completely web-based SaaS. The procedures meet all requirements relating to the management of personnel in a Public Organisation, from automatic employee attendance reporting and the processing and printing of pay slips, to the archiving of data relating to employment and calculating an employee’s pension.

Personnel management includes:

  • Legal Management
  • Economic Management
  • Management of Attendance and Absences
  • Business Intelligence
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Personnel Assessment
  • Shift Management
  • Outsourcing

Why choose our HR solution:

  • companies only pay for what they use. No hardware/software investments and no management fees for IT infrastructure
  • our customers are protected by SLAs
  • our solutions are easy-to-use and complete
  • the system is flexible and can be configured to adapt to the specific requirements of any organisation

Tecnologia Wireless: il collegamento tra il gruppo di presa e il resto del sistema avviene attraverso una rete Wi-Fi dedicata
Consumi ridotti: Riedl Phasys consuma meno di mezzo Kw/h e non richiede l’adeguamento dell’impianto elettrico.
Velocità: il gruppo di presa RIEDL Phasys si muove all’interno del magazzino alla velocità di 5 metri al secondo.
Flessibilità: ogni Riedl Phasys è costruito su misura, secondo le esigenze di ciascun cliente.

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