Solutions for managing, governing and coordinating all clinical processes and healthcare personnel activities.

Clinical System is a platform that was born from years of experience gained alongside healthcare professionals. The platform is divided into modular components and includes all macro-areas that are necessary to support the individual clinical, administrative and personnel management processes present in a healthcare structure. The platform’s components have been designed and implemented to allow maximum ergonomics and ease of use.

The platform’s solutions are scalable and flexible to respond to hospitals’ specific requirements, creating integrated processes that are defined alongside the customer to model the patient care procedure. The Clinical System suite adopts single centralised data management in order to share information in the aim of governance, continuity of care and compliance with privacy legislation.

The platform is formed of three modules that cover hospitals’ main activities:

  • Clinical Component
    All management and clinical processes for internal and external patients. This area is made up of the Register, Admissions/Discharges/Transfers, the single booking centre, A&E, ward management, outpatient clinic management, the multi-professional folder, diaries, order entry, operating rooms, etc.
  • Administrative Component
    For managing accounting, warehouse and inventory
  • Management and Personnel Coordination Component
    For managing all aspects of scheduling and organising shifts and working hours

Why choose Clinical System:

·         IT IS COMPLETE: it manages all clinical activities, governs administrative processes, coordinates personnel

  • IT IS INNOVATIVE: it is a cloud platform that replaces traditional software
  • IT IS ADAPTABLE: the components are only activated if used
  • It allows for SAVINGS: you only pay for what you use, no on-site interventions are required, invoicing is based on actual use
  • SPEED: it can be activated online and does not require installation/configuration

Una visione di sanità moderna, locali accoglienti, di facile accessibilità, dove le persone potranno portare i loro problemi e trovare risposte adeguate. L’uso evoluto delle tecnologie connette Policura, con le Aziende Sanitarie e con il cittadino: ICT e servizi che migliorano la qualità della vita.
Policura Trento: una struttura di circa 450 mq, suddivisa in quattro aree, destinata alle attività odontoiatriche, alla medicina specialistica, alla fisioterapia e al benessere psicologico.
Policura Rovereto: una struttura di circa 300mq destinata alle prestazioni di cardiologia, ginecologia, dermatologia e servizi odontoiatrici.

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