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Complete and secure management of the blood, tissue and breast milk ecosystem.

Flexible, simple and secure management and traceability of all transfusion processes, breast milk and tissues, combining international experience and profound knowledge of the Italian market. The Blood & Tissue Bank is designed to offer the transfusion supply chain intelligent and proactive solutions, thanks to the adoption of innovative and easy-to-use methodologies and technologies that comply with national and international sector standards.

The modules:

  • Donation
    Manages the entire donation journey, from donor recruitment to the final sending of blood including tests, component processing, quality assurance and monitoring stockpiles.
  • Transfusions
    Supports blood orders through a web portal for hospitals, the processing of patient blood samples, compatibility and supply in maximum security.
  • Cellular Therapy and Cord Blood Bank
    Supports the collection, processing, storage, distribution and management of products for high-quality cellular therapy.
  • Tissue Bank
    Offers total management of tissues from donation and sample tissues to the final destination and implant
  • Breast Milk Bank
    Offers the best management, security, efficiency and traceability of milk and milk products in the blood bank and neonatal units where doses are dispensed
  • LIS
    Offers an intuitive and efficient workflow for the automation of laboratory processes at all levels.

Why choose our Blood and Tissue solutions:

· They are COMMUNICATIVE: simple and intuitive user experience that is easy to integrate thanks to standard communication protocols – HL7 and XML

· They are ADAPTIVE: they include modules for simple-to-use configuration.

· They are SECURE: Security and access can be configured according to user roles. Access to all options is controlled by encrypted personal passwords in accordance with European GDPR Privacy guidelines.

· They are SUSTAINABLE: these entirely web-based solutions can be installed on the premises or in a cloud, they allow for gradual roll-out, reduced user training, low maintenance costs and the safeguarding of existing information assets.

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