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We create business intelligence (BI) solutions that help customers to determine which objectives to follow, assess achieved results, improvements made and the impact of decisions on the business.

Our BI solutions make it possible to optimise and verify spending, simplify processes and carry out directional reporting, all thanks to a system integrated with the customer’s applications. Simplicity, speed, reliability and modularity to adapt to the various organisational requirements are additional strong points of our solutions.

Within the Data Analytics line, the Quani platform makes it possible to respond to the “specialist” management of healthcare flows by providing twenty years of experience. The solutions proposed are aimed at Healthcare Management teams to encourage greater appropriateness in the provision of healthcare services.


In particular, the following aspects can be managed:

  • Analysis and monitoring of healthcare flows
  • Control of quality and appropriateness
  • Support for self-control and NOC processes
  • Financial measurements
  • Mobility
  • Waiting times
  • PNE (national outcomes programme) indicators
  • Creation of the DRG
  • Self-monitoring and activities in the NOC
  • Management of annual budget plans

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