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From bioimaging to custom prosthetic implants: new techniques for modern surgery

Starting with a CAT scan (Computed Axial Tomography) or NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) imaging and the use of innovative design software, we achieve a functional three-dimensional representation, which we use to design and create an entirely personalised prosthetic implant. Solutions are personalised for each patient, made from anatomical replicas, cobalt-chrome or polyamide cutting guides and customised titanium/cobalt-chrome plates or prostheses.

Every case has always been a perfect example of our challenge: the design uses advanced techniques and software programmes, and our engineers collaborate directly with the surgical team that will carry out the operation.

The use of 3D design with surgical guides and custom-made prostheses offers a real and controlled view of the operation site, which greatly improves the planning, simulation and precision of the surgery.  The perfect match between the replica and the patient’s anatomy reduces the functional post-operation recovery times and decreases the risk of complications and relapses.

The three-dimensional model allows us to work on morphology modification assumptions or to create anatomical replicas for use pre-operation, as well as afterwards for the creation of surgical guides, regenerative membranes and individual prostheses. Thanks to selective laser melting technology, we create the various elements with speed and precision that have never been achieved by traditional techniques to date.

The advantages are that it significantly improves the precision cutting of bone (essential for correct reconstruction), that lesions to the muscular tissues or soft surrounding tissues are avoided, and protrusions are removed. The shorter operation times also reduce anaesthesia-related risk and the stay in the clinic.

The subsequent comparison between the post-operation CAT and the design allows us to analyse the exact match between virtual and reality, therefore helping to guarantee an optimum and unparalleled result.