The Healthcare Partner

We are a harmonious ecosystem that combines software, services and made-to-measure technologies to meet the demands for market transformation and citizens’needs.

Our strength lies in being able to listen, assess complex situations and find a way to simplify them.

Our offering integrates a portfolio of solutions and services that connects ICT expertise, consulting and design.

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brand background
A new brand, a new chapter in our story.

We just turned 30 and this new image takes on a cultural and industrial significance of growth and evolution, which strengthens our Group. Because the brand is not just a name, a logo, a color or a shape. The brand is our identity: a story of concreteness, attention to the customer, solidity and tradition, of small continuous steps, daily commitment and new goals.

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Background investor

Health is the most precious asset we can invest in. GPI provides the security of unique services, software and technologies for the innovation of healthcare systems.



We’re here to make your life simple. Without any hassle.

Put your trust in us

The challenges we’ve faced have taught us to give it our all. Nothing stands still at GPI, except our unfaltering commitment to what we do.
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We don’t ask ourselves if it’s possible. We simply do it. With passion.